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Cycling manager:

- I am manager of women cyclists who co-operate with me and use my help to work with international teams, races etc.

- sport manager of the Czech mix team. 

- organised with David Kupka of cycling race "O POHAR VESNICE STREN" cyclo-cross and another races.

I was a cyclist myself till 18 years old.Then I started to interest for women cycling starting with Jirina Scuckova (Frantikova). I had also other activities during the same time like Cycling professional and  National team, soccer team masseur and during this time I picked up experience for my present job. I co-operated with many famous sports people like  coaches, sports director, media etc. Because of my rich experience from sport, organisation, taking an interest in sports generally and my personality which is I am flexible,communicative, friendly, are good for this job.

My hobbies are cycling, sports, travelling around the world etc. I lived in Kuwait for 7 years working in a Soccer team. and I worked with famous football personalities like Lazaroni, Pivarnik etc.

In women cycling team, I associated with Rostex Quantum Vyskov with Lada Kozlikova.

My UCI code is CZE19770501.


Service Engineer and Chief Executive Officer.

Effetec s.r.o. is a professional service and development support company based in the heart of Europe, Olomouc, Czech Republic. 
We provide inks, printheads, consumables and service techs for all UV printers with Konica Minolta and Xaar printheads. We have launched our new UV printer Simplejet and we do upgrade for existing printers to Konica Minolta 1024 and also development of customised printing solution for special requirements.

More info on: www.effetec.com

Effetec - supports Czech women Road cyclists and Jirina Scuckova